We are making pretty good progress towards GIMP 2.8 which has turned
into an "everything but GEGL" release. I think it would make sense to
also go for a single-window mode in 2.8 and not 2.10 as originally

By doing this we will be able to focus all resources on integrating
GEGL once 2.8 is released. Integrating GEGL will require rather big
changes to the code base, and I don't think having one guy working in
parallel on another feature that requires big code changes is a good

A single-window mode would also turn 2.8 into a remarkable release,
with both layer-groups and a single-window mode, none of which were
originally planned for 2.8.

I intend to start working on this asap, and peter will work on a UI
spec as soon as he gets time. If you have objections, please speak up.

 / Martin


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