Yes I know, but those are beta releases and many people say that using the
text tool crashes their Gimp 2.7 a lot. As a general rule I avoid beta
software, not always but most of the time because I usually rather wait for
the stable release. I don't mind waiting a bit longer for the new single entry
in the task bar feature, right now I'm more concern with the graphic card
issue with the selection markee, I will report that to Nvidia just in case. If
it turns out to be a bug with the graphic driver instead of Gimp the more
users with this problem that report it to Nvidia the merrier.

>On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 10:26 AM, David G.<> wrote:
>> To SorinN: I use Windows (Vista 64 bit and XP) and I only have Gimp 2.6.7
>> far which is the one that is available for Windows now, if Gimp 2.7
creates a
>Yea, verily.

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