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> Liam wrote:
> > Right now gimp is broken for working on multiple projects (the
> > file/save changes have rendered it too hard to keep track of
> > where images are being "exported") but the use case is central
> > (I think) to how "single window" needs to work.
> OK, I am listening.
> can you explain to me how this worked better in 2.6?

First, note that I said "right now" -- although strictly speaking
I should have said a month ago, I need to update.

So there are some unfinished details, and some of these don't
matter too much individually but add up, rather like the
chairs at MacDonalds, designed to be comfortable only for
twenty minutes...

The biggest problems I have right now -- and I know ways to
address the biggest have been discussed -- are

(1) "file->export as" (regardless of what it's called) goes
    to the wrong directory: it needs default to the same
    directory as "save as", that is, the directory with
    the original-precious-image.  I could happily live with
    a preference for default export directory, but "My Documents"
    really, really doesn't cut it outside of a family's
    computer for saving snapshots... (Desktop would be as bad)

(2) there's no menu in the toolbox, and if you have the toolbox
    and no image window, you have to open a minimsed image
    window just to get to file->new

    Use case:
    .  scan an image.  Maybe export it to
       for archiving.
       Work on it, off and on, during the course of the day.

       Save it to
       for archiving when done, and then (maybe an
       hour or two later) make 5 jpeg images at
       different sizes, all to be exported to

     . Meanwhile, use "open image in gimp" on an
       interesting photo of a rock that someone pasted
       into IRC.  Hmm, let's try levels->auto on that
       and export to /tmp (or Desktop, don't care)
       to send back for a discussion about the

     . at the same time I'm editing a photo I took for
       work, but that's on hold for an hour waiting
       someone to get back from lunch

     . I work on the photo for a bit.  Then I minimise
       it so I have the scan and the work photo minimised in
       the task bar, and the rock photo open.  I edited it,
       export it (where?) and close it.

     . Now I just have the GIMP toolbox visible, and no
       image windows.

     . The person at work is back but wants me to try something
       new, so I have to make a new image.  Hmm, I have a gimp
       toolbox but no File menu, that's fucked.  Let's have at
       least a right-click menu on the toolbox drop area please,
       with File and Window.

     . Now I go to save (or export) that Vesalius scan.  Is it
       the first time I've exported? can't tell.  Where does
       it want to put the image? My Bloody Documents.  So now
       I find a terminal window, navigate to th directory with
       the Vesalius images, do "pwd", copy the result, and paste
       it into the file chooser and hit enter.  Oops, overwrote
       the filename, hit cancel and start again.  It's fun, this.

     . OK, back to the work photo, time to do file->export.
       Where will it go? Where was I when I was working on it?

So I'm working in parallel on several different projects, each with
their own folders, and I'd actually be just as happy in many ways with
three entirely separate gimp instances... and starting an entirely new
gimp for a new image so I'd get the menus.

Sorry for a long posting, I hope it's a bit clearer.  There are some
other details like the export dialogues having 'save" instead of
"overwrite" or "export" on them that might already have been fixed.

A pull-down of active and recent directories on the file choosers
would help, but not as much as having bookmarks + the current
image's export directory starting off the same as the import or
save directory.

A final note -- I scale the image, export as jpeg, sharpen,
scale again, sharpen come back half an hour later and want to know
at which points I exported as jpeg; with 2.4, I could undo repeatedly
until the * in the image window went away, and that was when I'd saved
as png.  An icon in the undo history would help a lot here.

Hope this helps!


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