On 5 Aug 2009, at 7:39, Martin Nordholts wrote:

I am only a month late...

On 08/04/2009 01:29 AM, Christopher Howard wrote:

Hi - I was going to look into this enhancement. It was a request to make it possible for the user to change the zero-point of the image rulers.

There hasn't been any further discussion, but we should have one. The
first step would be to figure out a UI for the feature that helps
fulfill the product vision [1].

one way that is in use in graphics apps and which I diagnose as
being pretty good is:

grab the top-left square where the 2 rulers cross and drag+drop it
anywhere on the canvas.

the dragging around needs to auto-scroll the
canvas just as dragging guides does (it does, does it?).
also while dragging the coordinates of the bottom left corner of square
(hmmm, do our rulers go r-to-l for r-to-l locales?)
that is dragged around c.v. the up-to-then origin needs to be displayed.

it would not be bad to comply with 'snap to canvas edge' when set.
somehow it feels wrong to me to snap to guides for this action.


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