Simon Budig wrote:
> David Gowers wrote:
>> peter sikking wrote:
>>> can somebody tell me why we have a tiny replacement for the menu bar
>>> right below the menu bar?
>> The obvious answer here is that it's visible when the menubar is not.
> Well, it has been introduced in the times where there was *no* menubar
> and tablet-users (with no RMB) needed a way to invoke the menu.

so now on the one hand there is the impression that this is legacy UI
(aka old cruft) but on the other hand I am reluctant just to drive
a bulldozer over it.

it would however be fully reasonable is only ruler type of stuff would
be dependent on rulers being displayed. even creating guides has to
be one day be decoupled (don't know how yet) from rulers being there,
to create a chance of having a clean image window and be able to  
create guides.


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