>We are making pretty good progress towards GIMP 2.8 which has turned
>into an "everything but GEGL" release. I think it would make sense to
>also go for a single-window mode in 2.8 and not 2.10 as originally
>By doing this we will be able to focus all resources on integrating
>GEGL once 2.8 is released. Integrating GEGL will require rather big
>changes to the code base, and I don't think having one guy working in
>parallel on another feature that requires big code changes is a good
>A single-window mode would also turn 2.8 into a remarkable release,
>with both layer-groups and a single-window mode, none of which were
>originally planned for 2.8.
>I intend to start working on this asap, and peter will work on a UI
>spec as soon as he gets time. If you have objections, please speak up.
> / Martin
Greeeeeeat a will waiting for. My users are needing this way.

Odair T. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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