Hello, I am new to gimp development, and I'm trying to implement an undo -
redo tree in Gimp

Something like this:

but I have some problems understanding "app/widgets/gimpcontainerview.c" and

Is anyone interested in helping me?
http://up.mibbit.com/up/lXpwQN2h.diff is what I've got so far. Just to give
you an idea to what I would like to achieve...

-patch against latest git
- open a new image and do some brush strokes, watch the undo history
- click on some of the items in there and see what happens
- click the THIRD (hardcoded at the moment) picture from the top of the undo
- do some other strokes
what should happen:
a treelike structure will be shown, and you can flip open and closed the new
tree branch, and go backwards and forwards in the undo history there

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