I'm not planning to dive deeply into this discussion, but I feel that Peter's 
blog deserves its own thread.

Now my comment:

Peter wrote:
> I have really to ask what you expect from that float image, and how  
> different
> that would be from multi-widow mode.

I don't know an answer to this, so I'm going to pont to one of the brainstorm 
images that Peter shows on his blog: The one with the split image window 
(third in the center column).

It still is a single window, with all toolbars, docks, etc. fit closely in.  
But it has some advantages of multiple windows:  You can work on two images 
simultaneously, as needs to be done when comparing two images, repetitive 
copy&paste between the two, cloning with one image as the source and the 
other (active) as the target, etc.  Dragging&dropping from the history would 
work intuitively as well, closing one view would simply expand the other 
window to full size again, but I'm happy to leave the details to others.

As I said, I don't have that much time at the moment..


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