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>>> <http://www.mmiworks.net/eng/publications/2009/09/gimp-single-mode.html 
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>> Read your blog twice and think all the ideas are great.
>ah, thanks.
>> Commented there too but that was before I read it for the second time.
>> An idea occurred to me. When you tear of the tabs, or thumbnail I  
>> guess, you
>> get a polaroid. Really nice idea. But wouldn't it be great if you  
>> could
>> rightclick on a thumbnail and chose between polaroid and float  
>> image. To make
>> it so that the image you're working on has maximum flexibility too,  
>> just as
>> much as the polaroids?
>I have really to ask what you expect from that float image, and how  
>that would be from multi-widow mode.
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For me the big difference is usability. 
When I work in GIMP what happens to me quite a lot is that I click just next
to a window of an image I'm working on and all my GIMP windows are not shown
on my screen anymore because I activated the application I had visibly open
below the GIMP windows. 
To get  GIMP back you have to click on all your GIMP windows in the taskbar.

In a single window interface the background IS gimp. Click next to an image
by accident and nothing will happen, you'll still be in GIMP. 

This is the main reason for me why I am looking forward to a single window

Also I've slept on it and given it some more thought and I'd like to ask
again if you would please give having multiple images open at the same time
some more thought. 
IMO being able to work on more images at the same time is VITAL for a
professional image editing program. (just think of cloning to name 1 example)
Please give your users the options to do so in both modes, single and multiple

Thank you,

jolie S (via www.gimpusers.com)
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