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>> Also I've slept on it and given it some more thought and I'd like to ask
>> again if you would please give having multiple images open at the same
>> some more thought.
>> IMO being able to work on more images at the same time is VITAL for a
>> professional image editing program. (just think of cloning to name 1
>> Please give your users the options to do so in both modes, single and
>> windows.
>Peter's specification does give the option to have multiple images open at
>Perhaps you mean having multiple images both visible and workable-upon
>at once. That's certainly important for things like cloning, as you
>Perhaps a split-panel option for single window mode would resolve
>this. (I believe we could still only reasonably show a maximum of 2
>images at once; this is simply a limitation of the single-window
>format AFAICS.)

"Being able to work on more images at the same" does indeed mean

You could let the open and visible images you're working on at the same time
float all over the screen. Just as the user wants it. Be it underneath or over
the toolbox. ( a preference would be good for that.) 
Paint shop pro does it that way, so does photoshop and my old pre-GIMP
software Picture Publisher did it that way too, and they are all single window
interfaces. It's definitely not something that can't be done. 

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