> this means first finding out the user requirements behind these
> requests.
> so for everybody who feels this: _why_ do you need windows-in-window or
> work-side-by-side?

I've been reading both the blog posts, and the many discussions here
on the mailing list, mainly as an interested user of Gimp.

Here are the main reasons I work with two images fully open at one time:

- sampling colours from one image to use in another other.  (I have a
number of palette images I keep around for this purpose.  I know I
could just create real .pal files from them, but I like to be able to
have the colours spatially distributed the way I like...)
- cutting and pasting areas/selections from one image into the other
- cloning from one image to another (auto-scroll would be nice, here).

I also like to work with two views of the same image at different zoom
ratios, depending on the work I am doing (details drawing, usually).
This includes zoomed in cutting and pasting or cloning of areas that
are far apart.

That being said, I believe I would continue to work with the current
multi window layout, mainly because I am used to it...

-Rob A>
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