On Sunday 20 September 2009, peter sikking wrote:
> so for everybody who feels this: why do you need windows-in-window or
> work-side-by-side?
First of all a great idea to get some more feedback. 
I have one thing for which I had wished for side by side windows recently: 
When working on the layer mask of an image. There I would have very much liked 
to have the background layer, the top level layer and it's layer mask each 
side by side so that I could have judged where I was changing something and 
which effect it has immediately. It would have saved the me endless number of 
switches between the different views I needed to complete my editing... 
This may be something different than what you are proposing but if at all 
possible within the framework to have different layers and or layer masks in 
side by side windows would IMHO help me much!
Karl Günter
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