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On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 01:00:15PM +0200, jolie S wrote:
> When I work in GIMP what happens to me quite a lot is that I click
> just next to a window of an image I'm working on and all my GIMP
> windows are not shown on my screen anymore because I activated the
> application I had visibly open below the GIMP windows. 

Many good tips have been offered for this problem. Here's my solution:
Never put one application window on top of another!

I use virtual desktops ("workspaces") and dedicate a workspace to each
application. If I ever need another application to share a workspace
with GIMP, for example for drag-n-drop, I bring it into the GIMP
workspace, do the d-n-d, and send it back home.

(I also use focus-follows mouse and no-autoraise :) )



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