peter sikking writes:
> hey guys,
> I have now blogged about the single-window mode:
> <>

I was really getting excited about getting tabs in the image
window (the "image parade" idea would achieve a similar function),
since it would make it so much easier to group similar images together
when I open them all at once.

But it looks like if I want that, I have to switch modes to
"single window mode", and then I give up two important features:

1. The ability to open an unrelated image quickly in another
window. For instance, I'm editing 7 photographs from the same trip,
and suddenly I need to make a quick change to a 250x50 web icon,
placing that window near the browser to see how it will look.
It doesn't make sense to open that image in the big window I'm
using for the photos.

2. The ability to open a second view on the image I'm editing,
zoomed to whatever level I need and placed somewhere that's not on
top of the current image. It's fine if second views are view-only
"Polaroids"; but if it's always zoomed out and placed partially on
top of the current image, it won't serve the function that Views
currently serve now.

Is there any chance you might allow those features to coexist with
tabs / image parades? It looks like you'll still allow the toolbox
and docks to be torn off; please consider allowing separate image
windows and views too.


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