> Yes it's possible, you can create any GTK+ interface in plug-ins.
> To get tabs you'd use GtkNotebook. You can hook any code to an
> Apply button, including code that takes the active tab into
> account.

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for the detailed answer. That is just perfect =)

Can I ask another question?

Right now when I start GIMP, all plugins can not be opened, because
there is no canvas. Once the user have defined an image size in
File->New all the plugins become available.

Is it possible that my plugin can be opened without a canvas?

The reason for this is, that it would be very convenient if the user
could set image size in the plugin, and once the user presses Apply,
GIMP creates the canvas.

Can that be done? And if so, do you have a link to the API's that
allow me to do that?

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