saul goode wrote:

Citing a passage regarding the "image parade" on Peter Sikking's blog post:
What I find very intriguing is that the notion of which file is open
starts to blur.

It should be noted that many plug-ins and filters provide dialogs in
which the user is prompted (via drop-down lists) to select
images/layers/channels/paths from amongst those available in currently
opened images. It would seem unwieldy for the code to have to open
previously closed files to search for these potential
images/layers/channels/paths every time such a dialog is presented
(and the resulting drop-down lists could contain LOTS of entries in
which the user holds no interest). Thus it may be necessary to retain
the concept of "opened images" and provide a means of distinguishing
unopened images in the image parade (if they are to be included).

you are pointing out a serious spanner in the works.

and if I do not find a way to houdini me out of that one, then
that will be it for fuzzy...


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