Jon A. Cruz wrote:

I think I might have one that can count as subtly different.

Working on a prime image and drawing pieces, reference, etc from
other images. Especially since I tend to think spatially, this is
one I do a lot. I also tend to combine this workflow with others you
have already listed.

is this 'compare and reference' as fully covered by the polaroids?

In some cases it might, but in many it does not. The lack of items such as the rulers, etc. tends to slow me down when I'm "constructing" something.

My impression is that the polaroids are an improvement for "inspired by" work, such as I often see designers hash out. Using a "reference" in my thinking brings a little more of the technical/ accuracy aspect such as measurements with the ruler, etc.

OK, understood (also Akira, btw, thanks for more feedback)

I am working on split panes right now, for both single-and multi- windows,
focussing on keeping the clutter (explosion of edges, handles, rulers,
scrollbars, title bars with close/minimise/maximise buttons) down

stay tuned,


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