On Wednesday 30 September 2009 05:31:20 pm Gary Collins wrote:
> The discussion about single window mode has reminded me of something.
> I find that when I use Gimp, I can minimise the main window, but all the 
> other panes- toolbox, options, layers, etc - remain open on the desktop. 
> (I'm using windows XP, BTW).

happens on linux, too.

> Now maybe there's already an option to change this behaviour, that I don't 
> yet know about?

only way i found to hide the panels is by hitting <tab>, hiding them while 
the main window is still maximized. when i hide the main window then, 
everything is gone.

> If not, I think it it would be very helpful if all panes were closed when 
the main window is minimised, and reopened when it is restored.

good idea.

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