SHIRAKAWA Akira wrote:
 > peter sikking wrote:
 >> so for everybody who feels this: _why_ do you need windows-in-window or
 >> work-side-by-side?
 > Personally, for me who I'm into drawing and digital painting (rather 
than photo retouching) I can think of these reasons:

If I may, I'd also like to add that I find absolutely necessary to 
maximize vertical space / resolution. It has become very precious 
resource lately as monitors are starting to adopt very squashed aspect 
ratios (16:10 was the normality until a few years ago, but recently 16:9 
screens have been introduced with virtually no increase of vertical 
resolution despite the noticeable increase of horizontal one).

This means that personally I wouldn't put a 'polaroids' feature on top 
of the screen or adopt a blender-style interface as suggested in another 
thread (or at least the standard one, I haven't used that program much 
but I remember that the default 3d viewport is very wide with all tools 
and commands on the bottom).

Maximizing vertical space is especially important for digital tablets 
users, since most modern tablets are now in wide (16:10) format. A 
reduced vertical space forces the user to physically draw "small" on the 
tablet (implying very reduced hand movements), which for most artists is 
a bad thing. (that is, unless both the monitor and the tablet are set up 
to operate in portrait mode, but it's not a very practical thing to do, 
and most LCD monitors are not designed to work this way)


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