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I've read through the discussion of (a possibility of) a single-window
GIMP interface.  Both on the mailing list, and on

However, I do not see how much this would affect the (AFAIK) main
complaint about multi-window GIMP: that having several windows with
several possibilities of what is focused requires many extraneous
mouse clicks and/or keypresses.

When the windows are merged into one, STILL only one of subwindows has
a focus?  So how does this improves the current nightmares (e.g.,
keyboard shortcuts not working - especially when most needed ;-)?

  [Myself, I do not use PhotoShop, but what I saw is people who use
   both PS and GIMP say that PS allows about 3x times quickier UI
   interaction - in large respect due to no need to "fix mis-focus".]

       I mean here the [rare?] cases when GIMP caught up with
       particular features of PS, so one can compare not feature sets,
       but how convenient is it to perform the operations...

And if a solution to this problem is found, why would not it "work"
with multi-window interface too?

Or is the improvement ONLY in the fact that utility windows will never
obscure the image?


BTW, if one considers single-window interface as "just a fix for UI
interaction slowness", I see no problem with editing multiple files:
just have a "single-window interface" open for each of them.

If this turns out to be important: to make things take less screen
space, one could allow utility docks to "shrink" on unfocussed


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