i consider myself pretty well versed with efficiency based upon server
performance and apache conforms for me pretty well in plugging in modules to
suite my needs and users demands. But I just don't see how you can use Common
Gateway Interfacing for this task. I found your thread through a search engine
looking for this exact same type of discussion but theres no way I'm gonna
pipe gimp to apache in this manner. But Hey Man if you fetch yourself a
release of mod_wsgi or mod_python this cgi method might just be doable, but
with a lot of users running this, it could be hazardous.
With My method I am developing I am going to use (hypothetically, I have not
done this) a seperate module for gimp which will thread request's to and fro
mod_wsgi(which I have just config'd and am working on the kinks).
I would be more than happy to share my progress. Check out my website in a
couple of days (http://site.google.com/site/abstractind)

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