I would like to work on Bug 306713 - Write a GIMP plug-in and resource
distribution system

Martin suggested on bugzilla:
> If we do this, we should seriously consider
> http://ghns.freedesktop.org/.

I have had a look at the specification and written a little bit of code
to test the idea using libxml2 and libcurl.  (to understand ghns better
and because I have never worked with XML or URL based downloads)

In general it seems quite feasible and hopefully challenging for me, so
questions for discussion.

-did anyone else have plans to do this any time soon?

-Are we considering this to be only for individual users or someone
download for groups of people, in cases such as
--using thin clients?
--creating networked images?

-instead of providing downloads ourselves, we could make third parties
the download providers and just provide say a sample implementation of a
download service.

-anything you would like to discuss.


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