I haven't tried mod_wsgi yet, so I'm doing it using mod_python.
(I don't see a compelling reason to dump mod_python yet, not
to mention the learning curve and potential time-cost to convert
my scripts from mod_py to mod_wsgi - I don't really know if there
are any, just guessing here...)

Invoking GIMP from mod_python works Ok, but it is quite slow.
1 round-trip request - from the client page requesting the Gimp stuff
until the server gets back to the client with the response page
is quite long - about 10-15 sec - and most (ALL?) of the time is spent
on the Gimp side, NOT the apache/mod_py side.
So obviously this is not a speed demon, as Gimp was not
designed to serve web requests. But speed problem aside,
it does work.  ... it just needs 'veeery' patient users :)

Anyway, good luck on your side, I think you'll have no big problem
making this work,

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 11:26 PM, Brochester L. <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:
> i consider myself pretty well versed with efficiency based upon server
> performance and apache conforms for me pretty well in plugging in modules to
> suite my needs and users demands. But I just don't see how you can use Common
> Gateway Interfacing for this task. I found your thread through a search engine
> looking for this exact same type of discussion but theres no way I'm gonna
> pipe gimp to apache in this manner. But Hey Man if you fetch yourself a
> release of mod_wsgi or mod_python this cgi method might just be doable, but
> with a lot of users running this, it could be hazardous.
> With My method I am developing I am going to use (hypothetically, I have not
> done this) a seperate module for gimp which will thread request's to and fro
> mod_wsgi(which I have just config'd and am working on the kinks).
> I would be more than happy to share my progress. Check out my website in a
> couple of days (http://site.google.com/site/abstractind)
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