On Sun, 2009-10-04 at 18:54 +0300, Alexia Death wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 12:34 PM, Stephen <scg...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > -anything you would like to discuss.
> for me, as both distributor(FX foundry) and a user resource
> distribution means mostly a simple way to package and deploy
> resources. For example, currently there are some scripts I wont
> distribute with foundry because they have dependencies in shape of say
> patterns and it would make installing the whole package very
> difficult.
> multi-resource packs should be installable by just dragging the pack
> on gimp ui. It should also offer ways to uninstall and package them,
> and provide means for mass taging/untaging and distributing tags.

Thanks for this, this wasn't on my radar before.

I did some thinking about this, and it ties in with what Martin said
before, download types (including versions) are identified by type using
a string, such as:

<stuff category="app/media"> (the given example)


if we use the same system, but prefix each string using a checksum of
the enitre package such as:


gimp/package/3.4.8/package.xml, could just be a ghnsdownload identifying
everything that is to be installed an un-installed.
And the checksum prefix identifies that it was installed as a part of a
given package

and given a network based install, you just send the package.xml, where
the package could be constructed on the fly.

Any technical comments on this solution?

How would the installed version look?

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