A clear distinction between Save and Export was needed

But even if conceptually different in practice ,   both operation are always
needed for the every edited image:
is needed to Save the original AND to export as jpg or png .

So why do not offer a chance to speed up the workflow, save time and
achieving both result simultaneusly ?

A image is worth 1.000 words ,to avoid misunderstunding i invite to give a
look to this 
mock up

As you may see the idea is not to replace the Export dialog, but  to offer a
handy option from the Save dialog, to simultaneously export , with same name
and in the same directory in other file formats

A possible objection is that "same name and some directory" is a severe limit

1) For other cases there is well the proper Export Dialog

2) consider a  real case

 if in 1 day i edit 50 photos, i  need to
go trought 150 Save and Export dialog (and as now to click away about 300
warning ) to save original,a looseness png or tiff copy, and a jpg of my work

Using that option at the end of the work, in case i wish original, png and
jpg in different folder i may get the result in 1 minute:

Is trivial filter the folder content for file extension and batch move all
xcf, png, and jpg in their own dedicated folder

Even Picasa, or xnview and irfanview may do in a heartbeat...so would be not
even needed to type a couple of  commands  in a terminal 

1 minute Vs 100 additional dialogs


i will appreciate a reply to this somehow connected technical question
In case the above proposal will be rejected, and anyway
in time-while  i will really need a script doing something similar...script
is ready but that problem spoils the result

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