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> Can anyone provide (a) use case(s)?

I've also told about my main use for such a thing. Having an in-gimp
way to provide this functionality would be cherry on the cake.

I can agree that a package needs to be self contained, no deps to a
gazillion things, however super-packages(packages that contain self
contained packages) should be supported.

Lest see what I can provide as use cases.

1.0 Obtaining extras

1.1 Extras channel - User has set up channels for extras, Everything
they provide is listed in a searchable package manager ui, by default
orderd by download count. This UI needs to be a separate binary
because it should be possible to invoke it both from within gimp and
stand-alone, because to use some resources, gimp needs to be

1.2 Downloaded extras package - User should be able to simply
downaload a package, drag it to package manager, and have it

1.3 Requirements on installing
1.3.1 Installing newer versions of already packages installed must
update existing package, (removing resources that are not included in
the newer, replacing what existed, installing new)
1.3.2 If there is no package upgrade, but some resources of a package
exist from an other, user has to choose whether to abort install, or
make both colliding packages unmanaged and just overwrite the
overlapping files.
1.3.3 If overlap exists with unmanaged resources, warn that they will
be overwritten and become managed if user chooses to proceed.
1.3.4 It must be possible to install tags for resources along wit them

2.0 Removing extras
2.1 Removing packaged extras - user selects a packaged extra and tells
te UI to uninstall. All files form that package are removed.
2.2 Removing unpackaged extras - UI provides an interface to mark and
remove the extras that are NOT managed in packages.

3.0 Packaging - In the unmanaged resources UI, user is allowed to
pick/mark resources and give a command to form a package. This will
create a redistributable package that contains all the marked files
and packaging info.

3.1Tagging at packaging - It should be possible through the packaging
UI to add tags to multiple selections of resources.

4.0 Requirements on channel - To set up a channel, nothing more than a
web server and set of packages should be needed(ok, perhaps a key pair

5.0 Security requirements - Since plug-ins are one of the resources
packaged(and they are essentially executable, entirely usable as
malware vectors), It must be somehow verified that the provider host
is what it claims to be and even then, user needs to be asked fro
confirmation if anything executable like a script or a plug-in is

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