I send the mock up to the gimp-Ui brainstorm.

And for end users that may be interested ,in the while RobA cooked a script
that offer basically equivalent features 

obviously can't offer same GUI of my mock up, but allow 

1 ) to Save+Export , popping out a error message if the image was not already
2 )to Save AS + Export ...this basically allow to run the Save As dialog as
usual and then automatically export copies in the chosen format

Actually Export only in jpg and png but should be trivial add more format

But has a price to crowd even more the File menu with 2 additional entries 

while, in my opinion a similar added option to the Save dialogs will not
screw up the GUI and will be clear and handy .

Maybe no much feel the need as now but is hard feel the need for something
never experienced before...
Once experienced may be more clear that may be a time saver

anyway the script works may be easy edited to add more export format (for
example tiff, psd) and is here


>> This assumption is wrong. Complex compositions will need to be refined
>> weeks. All work is done in XCF. Before final delivery there is only an
>> occasional need to export to some other format.

Your point is not too clear to me, i agree that a composition may take weeks,
but at the end (at least in most cases ) as, not only to be saved but also to
be exported

Sure would be much less needed for who has to export only once in week,and
much more needed by who has to export Save last edit +Export every 30 minutes

But as added option seems to me unobtrusive in that Spheciphic GUI and the
distiontion between SAVE and EXPORT is not only preserved but may even made
more clear (at least in the mock up)

photocomix (via www.gimpusers.com)
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