I don't know if the developers planned it or decided to take it out. but in
the earlier dev versions of gimp before the single widow mode XD, when layer
folders was first introduced their was the ability to add a layer mask to that
folder.. .. I know probably that it was unplanned feature because gimp treated
the folder like a layer. but in the recent builds of gimp the ability to add a
layer mask to the folder has been taken out taken out. *heart attack*

however loading the saved gimp file of a drawing that i coloured in gimp
using the layer masks on folder loaded flawlessly and not only that i could
still edit the mask... so it's not like um asking for a new feature but
enabling something that's already there just probably not thought of using in
that way.

I think that it's a must have feature,  and one that I'll dearly miss if it
never comes back in. so i was wandering what people had to say on this.
i might try and get in contact with the devs to see whats going on.

Here's a screenshot with layer folders with layer masks in action. 

I can upload the gimp file if any ones interested.

thanks for your time.

Brett (via www.gimpusers.com)
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