photocomix wrote:

> i knew that Peter Sikking (or somebody else from Gimp UI brainstorm
> staff)replied but the message get lost for technical problems (full  
> storage
> disk)

yes, I am (by default) the Gimp UI brainstorm staff, and I had about
3 threads going on here before the list collapsed.

> I am very interested to know the content of that reply,i hope you  
> may send
> again now

here we go:

OK, I waited with replying because I wanted to think about this  
that is because quite a few issues are combining here.

first two fundamental issues:

1) let's face it: this is a new feature request. it is not that we
   broke something in this 50 pictures a day (10 minutes each) workflow.
   actually, on balance things got a bit better for this with clear
   saving and exporting.
2) an even bigger picture: does GIMP has to solve this problem?
   since part of what you want is a no-brainer conversion from
   png to jpeg. sounds like a job for a batch tool. this way you
   would save your GIMP file, then ctrl-shift-E, return, return,
   and GIMP does remember if you wanted TIFF or png all the time.
   run the batch job at the end of the day.

so why not add it anyway, doesn't hurt no? yes it does:

- by associating 2 or more export files, "Export to foo.png"
  (ctrl-E) has to be redesigned and never be as good as now.

- you have coupled saving to exporting of multiple files, hard.
  in general these things do not happen at the same time,
  saving work is a different thing then delivering. write
  times go up by a factor of 1+N, where N is the number of
  export formats.

- so it is easy to set (well, you will have to 50 times a day)
  but how to stop it for a file? it was in the Save dialog,
  but to get there again? Save as?

- UI also needs to be not-error-inducing and give a clear model
  to users to how things work. this proposal here is one of several
  to get a liiiiitle bit of export back into the Save dialog.
  each of these creates _a_ way to export, that users may figure
  out as _the_ way to export, because they are migrating from
  2.6 to 2.8. No, it does not help that we have clear Export on
  the File menu. we simply cannot let these models of export develop.

so that is why I am against this.


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