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>>  it is pointless to fix bugs/problems on windows, since they do not
>>  happen (and if they happen, developers do not want to see reports).

> No, it means the bugs are in GTK+, not GIMP,

It was "GIMP's decision" to use GTK+, so any bug in GTK is
automatically a bug in GIMP - and a responsibility of GIMP maintainers.

> and it requires GTK+ developers who run Windows to fix these bugs
> (or a GIMP developer who runs Windows and has some knowledge of GTK+
> and an inclination to fix these bugs). Do you seriously think a
> person running Linux is going to be able to reliably fix a bug that
> only shows up on Windows?

Now you know that your question was very misdirected, right?  [Judging
by your other post.]

> Your expectations that GIMP will exert such extreme control over the
> window management are also unreasonable.

No.  Expectations of a user that things work the way they are
documented are NEVER unreasonable.  They may be
unconvenient/embarassing to developers, but this is a different topic...

> Your window manager manages your windows, GTK+ communicates to the
> window manager what window behaviour GIMP is asking for, GIMP
> communicates to GTK+ what window behaviour it wants.

You write as if I care how things are implemented (and as if I do not
know this ;-).

> The particular 'communications breakdown' is between GTK+ and the
> Windows window manager, GIMP is not involved in the problem, only a
> casualty of it.

Wrong.  And even if it were true, the problem is *with GIMP*, not with
some intermediaries.  WMs differ; this is a fact of life.  When
developers hide their heads in sand ("it just works with my WM"), it
is nothing to be proud of...


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