On Wednesday 21 October 2009, Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
> Good to know; so let me refine: is there ANYTHING in the move to
> single window which would not be achieved by
>   a) restricting the maximal size of image window to the gap between
>      two toolboxes; and
>   b) making z-order changes syncronized between the main window and
>      toolboxes?
IMHO the move to a single image window with dockables would solve quite a lot 
of interoperability problems. For example there are plenty of broken window 
managers out there. Relying on them (WM developers) getting it right in the end 
for the GIMP is proving to be a long wait. As desktop environments go the 
window managers that work with the GIMP as intended tend OTOH to be the ones 
that don't play well with KDE for example (if you even have the choice, which 
you haven't really in KDE4). Oh and windows is a beast that isn't handled 
easily as well - the window manager there sucks at managing applications that 
consist of multiple single windows that don't have a proper native inheritance 
structure - which places the problem either into the GTK+ ballpark (a vital 
library once created to suit GIMP but which now is driven by people with their 
own development goals which don't necessarily match the GIMP requirements any 
longer) or forces the GIMP developers to avoid this area in the long run. 
Besides that there are things like split layer views that I'd like to see - for 
example editing a layer mask side by side the image area it belongs to which 
IMHO are next to impossible with the current multi window arrangement.
Karl Günter
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