> Let me restate it:
>  it is pointless to fix bugs/problems on windows, since they do not
>  happen (and if they happen, developers do not want to see reports).

No, not at all. Bug reports (in the proper place, i.e.
bugzilla.gnome.org) are always welcome, especially if they describe
specific error scenarios, that have not been reported earlier, that
can be easily reproduced even with some relatively simple app like
gtk-demo without requiring running a complex one like GIMP.

Sure, I certainly am well aware that the maintainers of GTK+ on
Windows (i.e. myself and a couple of others, in our "copious spare
time") are not as responsive to bug reports as some users seem to
expect. That doesn't mean we would ignore the reports, though.

> Are you sure that the situation is as you describe it?

You mean when I said "It is pointless to describe the misbehaviour of
GIMP windows on Windows to GIMP developers, as they don't use Windows
themselves." ?

That depends on who is counted as a GIMP developer, but at least
currently, the people who understand GIMP best and actively work on
GIMP don't use Windows. (This means something like two to four people,
in their spare time, in case you have the unfortunate common
misconception that there would be a large number of GIMP developers.)

Personally I do use Windows, and I am to some extent a (or even "the")
maintainer of GTK+ and GLib on Windows, but currently I am sorry to
say that I don't really have the resources or inspiration to work much
on GIMP. I would love to, in principle.

> Sorry, but I find this attitude as misplaced as one in the previous
> paragraph...

I am just stating what I see being the factual situation. It's not a
question of "attitude". You mean the (de-facto active) GIMP developers
have "an attitude" when they don't bother to use Windows?

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