On 2009-10-21, Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoud...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> The particular 'communications breakdown' is between GTK+ and the
>>> Windows window manager, GIMP is not involved in the problem, only a
>>> casualty of it.

>> Wrong.  And even if it were true, the problem is *with GIMP*,

> If a particular system service in Windows gets broken and some apps
> don't work as expected, would it be their developers fault? :)

If they fix the defect - yes, of course.  If not - of course it is
their developers fault.  Why do you ask, is not the answer obvious
("most obvious" if the problem happens on ALL windows systems)?

The situation with free software is *slightly* more delicate.  But
"only slightly"; remember what fox explained to the little prince...

> I can see how a John Do can blame GIMP for GTK+ issues, but I don't
> see why GIMP developers should bother about John Do's misconceptions
> about software development.

These are not misconceptions.  Software does not modularize; at least
not in the sense of dilution of responsibility.  If you use a library,
its bugs BUG YOU.


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