(Apologies if this repeats a previous suggestion.)

I am wondering if making a distinction between 

  saving an IMAGE (which would have an export format component)

  saving a PROJECT (basically, saving a GEGL tree: this should be the
                   "quick save")

  saving a WORKSPACE (chosen set of parameters for tools, basic window
                      configurations etc, stripped of image/"input"
                      specific information)

would help make things clear to users.

I like "saving a project" because I expect users to immediately
understand that a project is not an image, and consequently, a project
can't be stored in jpg.

On the other hand, when I have a certain type of work to be done with
an image, I'd bring it to a specific workspace, which basically would
provide a work context, a "table" with the most likely needed tools
laid out in front of me with the settings I am most likely to need.

Nicolas Robidoux
Laurentian University
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