On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 1:50 PM, peter sikking wrote:

> "GIMP is looking for an experienced windows XYZ developer who
> can really make a difference to our user experience on windows."
> I do not want this to be a high-maintenance thing like the SoC.
> The effort for the current contributors should be limited to:
> - coming up with a coherent package of work and requirements
>  for the new contributor ("has to know XYZ libs and ABC algos")
> - write the help wanted add (if you do one a month, it may become
>  NEWS on all those GIMP tracking sites)
> - help the new contributor with the bug numbers and where to start
>  in the source ("oh, that is in gtk")
> - be really clear in what we want to achieve (I can help with that)
> - no further hand-holding


> another 'external' area where we really can use some help is gegl,
> to get that from its bumbling experimentation speed to production
> speeds that are same or even better that current GIMP (I read between
> the lines in irc that not everything in GIMP it profiled to the bone).

+2^32 :)

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