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>> [ It's all about attitude. Saying "Patches welcome" is an unhelpful attitude.
> OK, so what about "Feel free to ask for your money back"? Or "OK, I
> guess you have to use the competing products then"?

Not trying to inflame this more than necessary, but looking at the
philosophical side, I think we can all agree that fixing the root
cause of the problem generally produces a more reliable, maintainable
product, compared to treating the symptoms first. Of course, you could
argue that you should treat the symptoms first, and then cure the root
cause, however, this removes the pressure to fix the root cause
completely, not to mention that the 'fix' of the symptom will probably
never be removed.

This is part of the beauty of volunteer based FOSS software, you don't
have any employers who're only concerned with the quarterly results,
and force you to treat the symptoms. The flip-side is of course that
problems that no one knows how to fix are problem that's gonna take
longer to solve.

Bottom line is, saying 'fix this for me, I don't care how' is the true
unhelpful attitude, because we DO care how the fix is done. Not only
what symptoms it treats. It's not as much you the customer, and we the
developers of a product, it's you as my friend, and I'm lending you
the code I made in my backyard. If there's something you don't like
about it, by all means, help me solve it.

Just my two cents, sorry for the rambling.
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