On 2009-10-21, Tor Lillqvist <t...@iki.fi> wrote:
>> Are you sure that the situation is as you describe it?

> You mean when I said "It is pointless to describe the misbehaviour of
> GIMP windows on Windows to GIMP developers, as they don't use Windows
> themselves." ?

> That depends on who is counted as a GIMP developer, but at least
> currently, the people who understand GIMP best and actively work on
> GIMP don't use Windows. (This means something like two to four people,
> in their spare time, in case you have the unfortunate common
> misconception that there would be a large number of GIMP developers.)

> Personally I do use Windows, and I am to some extent a (or even "the")
> maintainer of GTK+ and GLib on Windows, but currently I am sorry to
> say that I don't really have the resources or inspiration to work much
> on GIMP. I would love to, in principle.

So could you answer what is IMO the key question:

  In your educated guess, are the GIMP-vs-window-management problems:

   1) bugs in the port of GTK+, or

   2) are they inherent limitations of "window properties" model of
      the interaction between an application and graphic system?  The
      limitations which may be addressed only by adding specific CODE
      to application (as opposed to specific DATA on the app-WM interface)...

(This is just a restatement of my question on a "parallel" message in
this thread, with subject "single-window fix and WMs", so it is enough
to answer one of them...)


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