>  In your educated guess, are the GIMP-vs-window-management problems:

>   1) bugs in the port of GTK+, or

>   2) are they inherent limitations of "window properties" model of
>      the interaction between an application and graphic system?

Both;) The exact meaning of what in the X11 world is called "window
manager hints" is not specified. (And that's as such not a serious
problem; they are just "hints" after all, window managers are free to
ignore them, and the principle in X11 has always been to "provide
mechanism, not policy".)

That said, there is a reference environment (the window manager called
"metacity" used in the GNOME desktop environment), and from the GTK+
on Windows point of view, what is desired is to emulate the behaviour
of that. So how the window management GTK+ API should behave is
well-defined, if one just compares the behaviour of some specific
sequence of GTK+ API calls under metacity in GNOME and on Windows.

>  The limitations which may be addressed only by adding specific CODE
>  to application (as opposed to specific DATA on the app-WM interface)...

Yes, everything is just a small matter of programming...

As such the amount of code changes needed to get rid of the most
glaring GIMP problems on Windows (window z-order getting confused and
windows occasionally seeming to refuse activation or focus) is
probably not large. But the code is a bit convoluted. Also one must be
careful not to break something else when fixing one thing, of course.

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