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Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
On 2009-10-23, g...@catking.net <g...@catking.net> wrote:

If you see a homeless person with his hand out and give him burger, you don't expect him to come back and complain about the sauce.

Obviously, you never did this.  And one could even think that you
never heard about food allergies (or had friends/relatives dying from
it...).  (OT, of course...)


What you manage to take out of context is this was part of a series of comments about user attitudes to FOSS in this case whether their "complaints" could be returned with "don't complain , you did not pay for it".

Maybe this is another Russian/English problem for you but "you would not expect" does not mean it can't happen it means "you would not expect" .

> Obviously, you never did this.
Really? Obviously your ability to infer my whole life experience from one phrase is not as reliable as you believe it to be.

I spent a couple of years living rough, eating from bins an never saw any of the low life around me complain about the sauce. Obscure food allergies were not one of our major concerns.

You may post any more comments about what you assume I "obviously" did or did not do somewhere more appropriate than gimp-devel.


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