We are, we print and sell t-shirts with FOSS designs
(Linux distros, desktops environments, etc) and donate to each
organization a percentage of each sold article. We usually sell via
website, but we can also be found in local FOSS-related events. We
also cover special orders, like commemorative t-shirts for events.

We've been conducting a poll about which T-shirts our customers want,
and looks like GIMP is the most popular one (besides Ubuntu), so we'd
like to improve our catalog with some GIMP stuff.

We've taken the liberty of making some simple designs based on Wilber:

There are some possibilities that look cool, and we would love to have
some feedback on which design (A, B, C or D) and tee color (white or
black) look best to you. Also, is the font okay? Is there any better
font available out there for a GIMP logo?

We'd be happy to know what you think :)

About donations:
With other organizations like Gnome or KDE, we've agreed that they
link our website from theirs and we donate 3€ for each sold 14€
t-shirt. If you don't want to place a link, you'd still receive some
donation to thank you for letting us use your logo and name, but no
fixed amount.

You can find our website in

Ismael Barros
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