I have to say that I like B best. The ears are not that pointy and the
lines are smoother.
The mouth is good but the shape could be a little bit more rhythmic
with the other lines. Maybe to wide?
I like the wackiness of the uneven sized eyes that gives the
impression of a happiness close to madness ;-)
It's better than the staring eyes of C & D. The warmer orange brown is
nicer than the grayish.

I think that the black or white text is best because it balance that
big black nose more.

Great work!


On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 11:43 PM, Ismael Barros² <razielm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> We are FreeWear.org, we print and sell t-shirts with FOSS designs
> (Linux distros, desktops environments, etc) and donate to each
> organization a percentage of each sold article. We usually sell via
> website, but we can also be found in local FOSS-related events. We
> also cover special orders, like commemorative t-shirts for events.
> We've been conducting a poll about which T-shirts our customers want,
> and looks like GIMP is the most popular one (besides Ubuntu), so we'd
> like to improve our catalog with some GIMP stuff.
> We've taken the liberty of making some simple designs based on Wilber:
> http://www.freewear.org/images/release_candidates/propuesta_gimp.png
> There are some possibilities that look cool, and we would love to have
> some feedback on which design (A, B, C or D) and tee color (white or
> black) look best to you. Also, is the font okay? Is there any better
> font available out there for a GIMP logo?
> We'd be happy to know what you think :)
> About donations:
> With other organizations like Gnome or KDE, we've agreed that they
> link our website from theirs and we donate 3€ for each sold 14€
> t-shirt. If you don't want to place a link, you'd still receive some
> donation to thank you for letting us use your logo and name, but no
> fixed amount.
> You can find our website in http://www.freewear.org/
> Regards,
> Ismael Barros
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