GIMP docs are most of the time out-of-sync.  Possible workaround:

Currently, a changelog entry looks like this:

commit 16643800a1ff14378bbba981793c6d6085fda607
Author: Sven Neumann <>
Date:   Tue Aug 4 23:20:49 2009 +0200

    Change the default for the 'trust-dirty-flag' gimprc option back
    to FALSE

    It appears that there are good reasons why a user might want to
    save a clean image, for example because the file has been deleted
    or damaged.  (cherry picked from commit


  A) One puts section names like


     in a separate paragraph inside the changelog entry.  Whatever
     follows this paragraph is considered to be worthy to be seen by users.

  B) A script scans changelog, and extracts user-visible changes to
     files (e.g., to
     with appropriate dates.

  C) Each documenation language has a Updated-up-to-this-date value
     stored, and the corresponding release number (e.g., 2.8.12).

  D1) English docs: each sect1 which is mentioned in changelog after
      its "updated-up-to" date has the following link AUTOMATICALLY
      added at the end:

         Changes after 2.8.12

  D2) Non-English docs do likewise, but have 2 links added:

         Changes after 2.8.12 (English)
         Changes after 2.8.12 (Google translated)

What do you think?

P.S.   This may get clumsy if description of a commit is not easy to
       change later...

P.P.S. This does not address where to store the file which is Google
       translated (since it depends on the "updated-up-to" date, it
       is language-dependent...

       If one can pass URL#section through google translation, then
       one could have an HTML file common for all languages...

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