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... masterful elision by Patrick ...
That's with transfer/sublimation or with screen printing?
We use this:
With our technique what Omari Stephens states is true, that's why we
always try to remove gradients and to minimize the number of colors of
each design.

Heh - I've pulled a manual halftone screen before, and I assure you
that _with my own eyes_ I have witnessed a woman screening four-color
process *manually*.  Onto sweatshirts.  Now I would never recommend
4CP on a manual press, but it can be done ;-) And a halftone gradient
with 2 or 3 spot colors is really not that hard once you've nailed the
halftone size/shape/angle, screen mesh, and exposure time.

And for the record I dislike DTG (direct to garment) and sublimation
printing - give me screens and good old plastisol any day ;)
At the risk of pulling this even further off topic.   Is there anywhere on the net I can learn enough to understand what you guys are talking about?  I want to learn to do t-shirts, but it seems that there's so many ways of doing it (from this conversation) that I don't even know where to start.

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