On Saturday 31 October 2009, peter sikking wrote:
> <brainstorm>
> - like a close box [x] on the top-right of the marching ants

I like the idea of adding such a "selection context menu" to the selection, it 
could have much more than just an [X], maybe stuff like what Alt+... 
currently does (move selection, move selected content, move duplicate of 
selected content).  Plus a number of other things I can't imagine yet.

Think of it as the options that show up for desktop widgets for say KDE4 or 
Mac's dashboard applets.

And it would be nice if these popped up at the side of the selection where the 
mouse currently is located so that the maximum distance is always size/2.

> </brainstorm>

There would have to be a way to free the area occupied by such options, either 
by moving it to the other side or by disabling it, because there are some 
scenarios where you might need to do something with that area.  Maybe one 
modifier key that's freed by that additional user interface could be used to 
switch it off (either while being pressed or to toggle the state)?

A lot of design details wait here.

As always I'm looking forward for what you invent next, Peter :)


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