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> Ismael Barros² wrote:
>> We've taken the liberty of making some simple designs based on Wilber:
>> http://www.freewear.org/images/release_candidates/propuesta_gimp.png
> I don't really like any of the Wilbers shown there. Maybe you can come
> up with some proposals featuring the more recent Wilber versions?

Our artist gave it a try:


Anyway we've been talking about it and we think you guys could do it
better. How about a little competition?

If you're willing, we can setup a competition so you can send me your
designs to my email or to this list. Then I'd setup a little poll to
vote for the best designs, and the winner design would get sold at

Rewards for the winner: two free T-shirts (one with his design, and
another one (s)he likes from our catalog), and a special mention in
the T-shirt page with a link to his blog/gallery/portfolio if he

The design constraints are imposed by the screen-printing technique: 3
colors per design (we could print more, but we'd rather avoid it as
the T-shirt would be more expensive: a 2 or 3 colors T-shirt is 16€
and a 4 colors one is 18€), no gradients, no too small details. If we
have to tune the winner design to make it printable we'll contact with
the designer.

We'd like to have the T-shirt ready for Christmas, so the deadlines would be:
Design: from yesterday to November the 22nd
Poll: from the 33rd to the 30th.
Then, we'd see if the winning design needs some tunning, and then we'd
publish and print it.

Hope you like the idea, we're open to suggestions.

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