While giving a look at bug #595605 (from Gimp Bugzilla), I have
remembered about cppcheck.
I have created a patch available at


fixing (I hope) some leakages inside the plug-ins dir.
Can somebody review it, please?

There are some errors remaining (that or seemed to be unnecessary to
fix or I couldn't find an easy way to fix):

[./common/file-compressor.c:775]: (error) Memory leak: filename_copy
[./common/file-xmc.c:888]: (error) Memory leak: positions
[./common/mail.c:610]: (error) Memory leak: filename_copy
[./common/plugin-browser.c:329]: (error) Memory leak: tmp_ptr
[./common/plugin-browser.c:355]: (error) Memory leak: leaf_ptr
[./file-psd/psd-util.c:200]: (error) Memory leak: pascal_str
[./flame/libifs.c:1234]: (error) Memory leak: points
[./file-xjt/xjt.c:3138]: (error) Memory leak: l_file_buff
[./gfig/gfig-star.c:222]: (error) Memory leak: line_pnts
[./gfig/gfig-star.c:222]: (error) Memory leak: min_max

A run on the full source code of gimp (version is the latest one from
git), also gives some messages:

Thank you!

Best regards,
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