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> I'm guessing this is a startup thing, where the pdb menus are being
> built as the scripts are loaded, so if the hex script is loaded first
> then it will work, but if not it won't?
> Any suggestion if I am wasting my time?  (I can just trap the
> selection in the script, and pop a message box if they pick hex and
> the script isn't installed...but that isn't as elegant.

You can't guarantee the order with which scripts within a particular  
directory are loaded, but you can guarantee that a particular separate  
directory will be loaded before another directory.

So if you were place your hex_grid.scm script in  
~/.gimp-2.6/scripts/preload/ and add that folder to the TOP of the  
list of scripts folders in your Preferences (or prepend it to the  
'script-fu-path' argument in gimprc), you will guarantee that it will  
be loaded before the other scripts. (Alternately, you could place the  
script that requires hex_grid into a "post-load" directory which gets  
specified at the bottom of the list of script folders in Preferences.)

This is probably not of much help to you, though. :)

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