Hi Ryan -

I strongly suggest you learn python instead, and us it for your
scripts, instead.

It attends eveeryone of yoru requisites:
- no dealing with pointers or memory allocation/deallocation
- gimp data structures are provided as high level objects
- the language syntax even allows for a funciotnal-like programing if
you prefer that.

(for example to interact through layers, you just do:
image = gimp.list_images()[0]
for layer in image.layers:
    #your code dealing with the "layer" object

When you get to the pixels you have then as a byte sequence, you then
convert to a bytearray (python 2.6)  - to get all the green bytes for
the pixels from such an array on a separate array, I could do:

green =[1::4]

Follow the tutorial in www.python.org docs, you could get proficient
in the language in less than 1 hour - then check the pythons cripts
that come with gimp for examples of the API use and pixel access.

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