Martin wrote:

It is already possible to change the Tab Style for dockable dialog tabs. Right now however, this needs to be done on a per-tab level, using 'Tab
Style' in the Tab menu for each dockable.

It is cumbersome to manage the tab style on a per-tab level, so I
suggest we make this a global setting. That is, changing the tab style
for "one" tab changes the tab style for all tabs. We could also have it in Edit -> Preferences -> Interface, but I think it is better to have it
close to where the action is.

I do think it is better to do it where the action is, and
because of that and some flexibility for users (it is their
priorities and organisation), I would like to see that the
setting is per row-of-tabs. because we have one setting
thingy visible per row-of-tabs.

so in your shots there would be a separate setting for
the row layers+channels+paths+undo and for the row


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