peter sikking wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> It is cumbersome to manage the tab style on a per-tab level, so I
>> suggest we make this a global setting. That is, changing the tab style
>> for "one" tab changes the tab style for all tabs. We could also have it
>> in Edit -> Preferences -> Interface, but I think it is better to have it
>> close to where the action is.
> I do think it is better to do it where the action is, and
> because of that and some flexibility for users (it is their
> priorities and organisation), I would like to see that the
> setting is per row-of-tabs. because we have one setting
> thingy visible per row-of-tabs.

I don't understand who would want a UI where tabs doesn't have the same 
style, what a mess

If you think it is a problem that the setting can be changed in many 
places, then I would rather put it in the Preferences. Making it a 
setting per row of tabs wouldn't be much of an improvement in my opinion.

  / Martin


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